Hair Cuts & Styling

Melissa Sherwood Image for Men and Women Hair cuts and styles

Looking for the perfect hair cut and hair style? Look no further. Every woman wants the haircut and hair style of her dreams.
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Hair Coloring & Highlights

Melissa Sherwood Hair Style with Hair Color

Melissa’s highlighting and hair coloring knowledge can take you anywhere your imagination wants to go.
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Nails - Color and Polish

Melissa Sherwood Image of Nail Color and Polish

Looking good and feeling good doesn’t stop with your hair. Having a manicure and or pedicure helps to complete the package.
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Bridal Packages

Melissa Sherwood Image for Wedding and Brides Hair Styles

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Your bridal hairstyle is the finishing touch to your fairytale wedding.
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Hairstyle Examples

Long Hair

Melissa Sherwood Hairstyle example for long hear

Call Now and let Melissa suggest a sytle for long, medium and short hair to best match your face type and color.

Hair Color and Highlights

Melissa Sherwood Image for Hair Color and Hair Hightlight

Hair Color and Hair Highlights for any Personality! Call Melissa today!

Melissa Sherwood - Cosmetologist and Beauty Salon Beautician

Caring, Passionate, Dedicated, Helpful, Supportive, Loving, Authentic, Sincere and Gifted are all words defining Melissa's outlook toward her clients. She understands there is much more meaning to her life's passion extending past the traditional hairdresser role.

Melissa is trained to notice the condition of your hair, skin and other signs, which give clues about over all body health and wellness. Melissa may even help make you aware of changing conditions in your health.

Hair Styles and Hair Cuts

Melissa Sherwood has been a Cosmetologist and beauty salon beautician for over 15 years.  She quickly displayed a hairstyle talent for short, medium and long hair. She became one of the top hair stylists in the area and quickly started to set trends in children, men and women haircuts and styles. If you are looking for a hairstyle change, let Melissa help you for that perfect look.

Hair Color and Highlights

Are you looking for a new look in your life? Before choosing a new hair color for hair highlight color there may be many factors to take into consideration. Why you want to change hair color or highlight and how permanent or temporary will help choose a best solution for you. Let Melissa help. She can make suggestions and take you in directions you or others may not have considered, she makes hair color changes and hair highlights fun and exciting.

Nails, Pedicure and Manicures

Nail color is fun, moody and an expression of you. Classic, fun, mischievous … take your pick. There are plenty of reasons to have both Pedicures and Manicures, beside their obvious relaxing nature:

  • Hands and Feet contain pressure points for the whole body so the relaxing nature of manicures and pedicures affects the whole body
  • Can help treat minor ailments
  • And of course, they are VERY relaxing and soothing

Japanese Hair Straightening Treatments

If you want something that lasts until your hair grows out, Japanese straightening is best for bulky, loose to medium curls. Japanese hair straightening is a very innovative technique originated from Japan to make frizzy, curly, or wavy hair pin-straight while preserving the health of your hair.

Non Chemical Straightening

Non chemical straightening does not take out 100% of your curl, but they will take out the friz and tame your curl to make your hair more manageable and make getting ready in the morning a lot quicker and easier. Non chemical straightening active ingredients are natural.

Conditioning hair treatments

Using a deep conditioning hair treatment restores moisture and elasticity to dry hair. Conditioning hair treatments on a regular basis helps to keep it in great condition and much easier to manage. Using deep conditioners on a regular basis will help ensure healthy hair. Let Melissa help you work through the options to get the best deep conditioning hair treatments for your hair 

Shine Gloss treatments

Everyone wants a hairstyle that looks shiny and healthy. Shine gloss or glaze hair treatments can give your hair extra shine while protecting your hair color. This ‘glaze’ lasts no more than two weeks. Hair gloss on the other hand, lasts for up to four weeks and is considered to be more “permanent” compared to a glaze treatment. Let Melissa help get you the right shine gloss treatment.

Bridal and Wedding Hair Styles

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Don’t trust your wedding hairstyle to just anyone.  Whether your wedding day hairstyle is going to be a classic, sophisticated, and timeless style or a trendy, unique, and fun style, finding the perfect hairstyle is essential. The perfect wedding hairstyle can surely make the day even more perfect.

Make-up is another way to get that perfect look on your wedding day. Melissa has the ability to apply the right amount of make-up to not only give you the look you want, but to make your wedding day pictures look perfect.

Melissa’s desire is to be your hairdresser and hair stylist. She has great passion in her work. With each year something new is learned to benefit her clients and help them to stay current and at their best.

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Long Hair Style

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