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About Melissa Sherwood Hairdresser, Beauty Salon & Beautician

Melissa Sherwood has been a Cosmetologist beauty salon beautician for over 15 years.  She quickly displayed a hairstyle talent for short, medium and long hair. She became one of the top hair stylists in the Michigan area and was soon setting trends in children, men and women hairstyles.

Trends in Hair Color and Hair High Light Color

Melissa quickly found a passion for colors and color combinations, ideas and trends in hair color, hair high light color (known as hi-lite builders) and coordination with nail color.

Manicure and Pedcure

Her manicure and pedicure business grew quickly. Men soon started to demand her pedicure for men process.

Bridal and Wedding Hairstyles

Brides love Melissa for her knowledge of the latest Bridal and wedding hairstyles. Melissa always puts on her special touch as she customizes the latest wedding hairstyles into the cutest hairstyle for short, medium or long hair lengths. 

With years of experience, Melissa has increased her knowledge in curly hair, straight hair, men’s hair, hair color and make-up application. She discovered that everyone has a different need and desire for their personal look. Its her job to not only have the knowledge to give them what they desire, but to truly listen to each individual and have an understanding to their unique needs, their wants and lifestyle.

Melissa believes making clients look stunning is just the start of the experience

She prides herself in making every one of her clients feel special and valued. Clients which feel good about themselves have confidence. Her clients will never feel like just another person in her chair. Her promise to her clients, “Every individual gets my undivided attention from the time they sit in my chair until the time they leave”.

Melissa is very involved in her community. She enjoy using her talents as a hair stylist to help those who are in need. Looking good and feeling good affects every area of our lives. Being a good wife, mother, business man or woman, doing a great interview, or what ever else you need to do; it all begins with having the confidence of knowing that you look your very best. Because of this belief she enjoys working through her church and the Stockton Dream Center to provide haircuts to people who need a little extra help. Giving everyone the opportunity to feel special and look great is her greatest joy.

Melissa’s desire is to be your hairdresser. She has great passion in her work. With each year something new is learned to benefit her clients and help them to stay current and at their best. 

Melissa Sherwood Hairdresser, Cosmetologist & Beautician

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