Short, Medium and Long Hair Cuts & Hair Styles for Women and Men

Women's Hair cuts

Melissa Sherwood Hair Cuts Hair Styles imgeLooking for the perfect hair cut and hair style? Look no further. Every woman wants the haircut and hair style of her dreams. Whether you are a stay at home mom who wants to look and feel her best for her family, or if you are a business professional who needs that perfect hair cut to give her the confidence and style that demands attention and respect; the hair cutting expertise of Melissa Sherwood will give you the exact haircuts and hair styles you are desiring. Short haircuts, long haircuts, medium haircuts, curly haircuts or straight haircuts; Melissa has the skills to do it all. 

Melissa understands that the right haircut will give everyone the confidence, edge, and self esteem to help you achieve what ever it is you want. Every woman wants to feel good and feel confident. The right hair cut is the beginning of that. When you look in the mirror and you like the hair style that you have, it boosts your self esteem and gives you the confidence to move forward. Melissa's haircutting abilities will give you that hair cut and hair style that will make you feel beautiful.

15 years developing Hair Cutting and Styling Skills

Melissa has spent the last 15 years developing her long, medium and short hair cutting skills. She understands that curly hair and straight hair can not be cut and styled the same way. She also knows how to give long hair the exact layers that each individual woman is looking for. Short hair cuts? No problem. Melissa can give you that cute short hair cut that you are wanting to achieve. Or maybe you are somewhere in-between. Melissa can give you that perfect medium hair cut to suite your needs. Fine hair and thick hair are no problem for Melissa, so every woman, every style, every haircutting desire, comes out perfect. Come in and see for yourself. Your best you is ready to be seen!!

Men's Hair Cuts

Melissa Sherwood Mens hair cut style ImageMen like to look good too. Doesn't matter what you are looking for, if its a long hair cut, short hair cut, it is all possible for you when you come see Melissa. What look do you want to achieve with your hair cut? Rock and roll look? Professional look? Or maybe something in-between, Melissa has the right hair cut and right hair style for you. Whether you have curly hair or straight hair, it doesn't matter. Melissa will work with your specific hair texture to give you the hair cut that will make the ladies heads turn. Come in and enjoy the haircutting experience for yourself!

Children's Hair Cuts

Children all have a sense of style. Looking good and getting noticed is just as important to them as it is to you. Bring your kids in to Melissa to not only look great, but to be treated just as important as mom and dad. When you bring your kids in to Melissa to get that unique and personal hair cut, they not only will get what they are looking for, but they will have a salon experience that will help them to feel important and special. Looking and feeling good begins young so bring in your little fashion plates to get that cute hair cut, or special hair cut that they are asking for. You and your kids won't be disappointed when you all get your haircuts done with Melissa!


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Short Hair Style examples

Medium Hair Style examples

Medium Hair Style examples